To Eat

Set in our beautiful lush kitchen garden you can be sure to see us gathering fresh herbs, greens, flowers, and vegetables for your lunch.

We grow a large range of edibles organically and picked fresh and feature them on our menu to make the most of the season….

Small Share Plates

12pm to 2.30pm

Super Salad (V) 16.9

Mixed greens, almonds, quinoa, barberry, currants & hummus.

Blackened Carrots  (V) 12.9

Honey blackened baby carrots with nigella, sunflowers & coriander with tahini labneh.

Potsticker Dumplings 18.5

Chinese spiced pork with ginger, garlic & chives, steamed and pan fried golden in Gyoza pastry with orange & fennel salad.

Japanese Fried Chicken (GF) 18.5

Marinated in sake, soy, and fresh ginger w summer greens.

Mille Feuille (V) 16.5

Layers of house made puff pastry w caramelised onion, beetroot relish & herbed goat chevre.

Moroccan lamb cigars 19.5

Moroccan spiced lamb with pistachios & currants wrapped in brik pastry with preserved lemon & mint labneh.

Hand Cut Chips (V, GF)  10.5

Twice cooked wedges of potato w herbed mayo.

Large Share Plates

12pm to 2.30pm

Braised Spiced Meatballs 29.5

Slow cooked w tomato & harissa, served w parmesan, rocket & Turkish bread.

Arancini with Lemon Roasted Root Vegetables (V) 28.9

Risotto rice cake with soft herbs & bocconcini, coated in panko crumbs and cooked golden, topped with lemon roasted vegetables & labneh.


11pm to 3pm

Poached Rhubarb Clafoutis (GF) 14.5             

Classic french pudding with spiced poached quince with house made vanilla bean ice-cream.

Chocolate Fondant, Candied Fig & Chocolate Soil. 13.9

Warmed soft centered chocolate pudding with baby fig, chocolate soil and caramelised cocoa nib ice cream.

Parsnip Pudding 13.9             

Parsnip, ginger, currants & spices w vanilla crème anglaise, and our own lemon thyme & creme fraiche ice-cream.


Eagles Nest 14.5

Chocolate biscuit nest, rose petal ice cream, lilac white chocolate creme, coconut crunch & pistachio crumb.


Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding 14.5             

Our own house made brioche bread & butter pudding with candied blood orange, manuka honey crunch, mandarin crisps and almond praline.

12pm to 3.30pm


Scones (All day)   8.9

House made scones w raspberry & lemon myrtle jam & double cream.

(V) Vegetarian  (GF) Gluten Free